Water columns

Made with an emphasis on quality, beauty and durability.

Pricking decorations

Laser-cut ornaments made of sheet metal, suitable for gardens, raised beds or planters. Available in two sizes with two types of finish.

Rating 4.9 / 5

About our products

We have been working on the products we offer for several years, thanks to which we have improved their design, surface treatment, precision of production and other parameters that inherently belong to a quality product. All joints on our products are prefabricated, which prevents thermal influences on the material, which would otherwise occur during welding and would have a negative impact on the product's durability.

Handmade in Slovakia

Long service life

Quality materials

Easy assembly

Prefabricated connections

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Why stainless steel?

You will also know stainless steel by the name "antikor". As the name suggests, the main advantage of this type of steel is its resistance to corrosion.
There are several types of stainless steel. We use AISI 304 standard steel, which extremely corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The same type of steel is also used to make kitchen sinks or cutlery.
One could certainly argue that even products made of ordinary steel can be corrosion resistant after surface treatment. However, even if the manufacturer opts for a zinc and powder coating, this is only true for a certain period of time. Over time, water will get through them and the product will start to rust. For products that are in frequent contact with water, this process is accelerated even more.


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Seasonal goods - stands and ornaments for Christmas trees

Made with an emphasis on quality, beauty and durability.